Club Member Experience Survey - SNZ


Dear Associations
This is to let you know that Sport New Zealand is undertaking an important research programme to find out how softball players view their experience with their club. The project aims to understand what is important to players and how clubs are performing.
In the next few weeks, Softball NZ will share an email with you, advising our clubs and players that this will be taking place. Clubs will then receive an email to share with all members, inviting them to take part in the survey and this will contain a link to the survey. We strongly encourage you to share this email with any players or members you have contact details for.
The survey will only take around 10 minutes to complete and will be open to all members. For parents/ guardians of children, there is further information in the survey to assist them or their child (depending on their age) to complete the survey.
Nielsen, an independent research company, is carrying out this confidential survey on behalf of Softball NZ and Sport New Zealand. Results will not be reported in a way that will allow individuals to be identified and at the end of the project, a summary of the results will be shared with you.
It’s very important that we give all players the opportunity to complete the survey, as the results will provide guidance to us on how Softball NZ can help Associations and clubs improve the experience of their members.

Best, Glen

Glen Roff – Softball Manager
Softball New Zealand

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