SNZ aligns with WBSC


HVSA have received notification from SNZ that they will be aligning with the recent amendments put out by WBSC, regarding National Age Grade Tournaments. We were awaiting official notification that will be sent out to all associations, however with our coach applications due to be completed, and with amendments to National Tournaments the fair process would be to reopen the applications for our representative teams. Therefore if you are aware of other coaches who wish to apply that missed the cutoff date please advise them that applications along with a plan will be required by Monday 30th, Midday, with interviews to be conducted the same week.
How does this affect us? Effective immediately the following amendments will occur for our NZ National Tournament Structure.
23U for both genders
U18 for both genders
These grades will replace the U19’s & the U17’s age grade tournaments. Our representative coach applicants have already been advised and are adjusting their applications accordingly.
Also please be advised that the Management committee will also provide options within our local competition, working with ICC also.
Recommendations would be for HV to introduce a 23U grade for both genders, rename the U17 grade to U18, both grades playing mid week.
In regards to player burnout I would like your feedback on the following.
No players eligable for the U18 grade may play for the 23U grade.
Rationale – The U18 grade is offered by both HV & ICC (previously U17 – ICC still to discuss), some players from this grade could also be involved in a Premier 1, 2 or 3 team. Therefore a player would/could potentially be playing upto 3-4 times a week, to insert an U23 grade would mean this player could play upto 5-6 times a week, so between games, trainings and school commitments this is way to much for a young person, and this is not including representative duties.
I would like your feedback regarding the U18 players playing 23U by Monday 30th April, Midday.
Unfortunately due to not receiving official written confirmation from SNZ we are unable to post this on Facebook as we are not too sure if all associations are aware yet, therefore this will also be posted on our team app page and effectively our website, and would require the club to share the information with your members also.

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